Edward VII Silver Gallantry Medal For Industry - Specimen Issue

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33mm. Silver. By DeSaulles.

The Edward Medal was a British civilian decoration which was instituted by royal warrant on 13 July 1907 to recognise acts of bravery of miners and quarrymen in endangering their lives to rescue their fellow workers. The medal was named in honour of King Edward VII. The original royal warrant was amended by a further royal warrant on 1 December 1909 to encompass acts of bravery by all industrial workers in factory accidents and disasters, creating two versions of the Edward Medal: Mines and Industry. The Edward Medal for industry was only awarded 188 times (25 silver and 163 bronze). This is an unnamed and unmounted specimen, possibly intended as some sort or trial or presentation piece.

About mint state and beautifully toned. Housed in fitted case of issue and extremely rare.