1648-1654 Oliver Cromwell Private Seal's - Set Of 3

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Henfrey plate VI, numbers 4, 5 & 7.

21x18mm, 3.65g / 18x16mm, 2.43g / 15x13mm, 2.33g Patinated steel.

Uniface oval steel electrotype copies of Oliver Cromwell's private seals. Two showing the shield of arms topped by a demi-lion holding a fleur-de-lis on an esquire’s helm and mantling, the third with simpler shield.

The now long lost originals were originally believed to be by Thomas Simon, however for reasons unknown, Henfrey did not consider these to be by Simon. All Good Very Fine, likely much as made, and rare.

Other similar examples of Cromwell seals (which are believed to have been made by Henfrey when writing Numismata Cromwelliana) were recently sold at Dix, Noonan Webb as part of The North Yorkshire Moors Collection of British Coins [Marvin Lessen], 21st January 2021.