1731 Dassier's Kings & Queens Of England Set Of 34 Medals - Cased

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Eimer 526. 

41mm (Cromwell medal 38mm). By Jean Dassier.

Set of 34 medals from William I to George II. There is one spare space which is probably for the George II dedication medal. 

Generally Extremely Fine. Some medals exhibit a touch of multicoloured toning which suggests they have been stored in the original case for many years, otherwise a very nice matching set. House in beautiful contemporary wooden case. Incredibly, this set is accompanied by the original 'Dassier's Medals' booklet (with detached front cover) which showcases the individual medals and even has an original advertisement on the final page for a paid subscription to Dassiers series of medals on Roman History. The booklet is dated London, 1797, possibly suggesting these medals are one of the slightly later issues (although they exhibit minimal die cracking, which is usually prolific in the later issues). A wonderfully presented set.