1837 Victoria Royal Academy Of Arts 55mm Silver Medal Pair - By Wyon

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Eimer 1306A, BHM 1794.

55mm. Silver. By W.Wyon.

Obverse with the beautiful young head bust of Victoria, reverse with sculpture of a body, mounted on a rock. Edge of the green, red and white ribbon medal is inscribed 'Edith Bateson, For The Best Still Of A Statue Or Group, 10 Dec 1891, the other inscribed 'Edith Bateson For A M(?) Of A Bust From The Life, 10 Dec 1892'.

Both medals mounted for suspension and generally Extremely Fine. The medals are accompanied by a letter from the Librarian of The Royal Academy Of Arts which explains: 'Edith Bateson entered the Royal Academy Schools on 7th December, 1888 aged 21. Her Address was 8 Harvey Road, Cambridge. In 1891 she won the second silver medal for a bust from the life (open to female students only). Also the first silver medal for a model of a statue or group. In 1892 she won the first silver medal for a bust from life. She exhibited four works at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and also showed work in various other London Galleries and the Paris Salon during the 1890's.'