1851 Great Exhibition Rare Council Medal - By W.Wyon

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Eimer 1455, BHM 2461.

89mm. By W.Wyon.

Reverse showing standing figures of Commerce and Industry, their hands clasped, each crowned by Britannia. The rarest of the 1851 Great Exhibition Medals with only 174 awarded, compared with 2918 prize medals. 

Extremely Fine. Very Rare.

The medal is named on the edge to 'Earl of Ellesmere, Royal Commissioner'. This means the medal would have been presented to either Francis Egerton (1800-1857) 1st Earl of Ellesmere, or his son George Granville Francis Egerton (1823-1862) 2nd Earl of Ellesmere, although is seems more likely to have been the 1st Earl as he was a known patron of the arts.