1862 International Exhibition 'For Services' 55mm Medal - By Wyon

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Eimer 1554, BHM 2755A.

55mm. By W.Wyon.

For services rendered at the International Exhibition of 1862. Edge named to 'Colonel Messoud Bey'.

Extremely Fine and scarce. Housed in a fitted case.

Colonel Messoud Bey was a Belgian by the name of Félix Hippolye Smit, who had quit the lowlands, converted to musulman and mixed himself up rather effectively in Ottomanic politics and business. He came to Britain attached to Nazim Bey, envoy of the Ottoman Empire to the International Exhibition, and stayed at 61 Ebury Street, Eaton Square, London, for his stay from the later months of 1862 and early 1863.