1891-1910 Collection Of 20 x Agricultural Silver Medals - Named

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A susbstantial collection of 20 agricultural medals, named to William Brent, one of the original proponents of the Indian Game. The Indian Game Club was formed April 15th 1886, when John Frayne (to whom one of the medals is named) was elected president and William Brent was in attendance. 

This lot includes:

  • 46mm silver medal 'Presented by the Indian Game Club for the best Indian Game over 1 year old at the club show 1891' (37.5g)
  • 46mm Silver medal 'Presented by the Indian Game Club for the best Indian Game pullet at the club show 1891' (38.0g)
  • 3 x British Dairy Farmers Association 48mm silver medals for 'Wm Brent for best Indian Game cockerel, Dairy Show 1901' (40.5g), 'Wm Brent for best Indian Game, Dairy Show 1908' (40.1g), 'Dairy Show, J. Frayn For Indian Game Pullet' (50.7g)
  • 52mm British Dairy Farmers Association silver medal awarded for 'Indian Game Cockerel, Dairy Show 1910' (54.3g)
  • 39mm silver 'Malay Club' medal (26.7g)
  • 46mm silver medal 'Presented by The Indian Game Club for the best bird over 1 year old, at the club show, 1892' (42.6g)
  • 4 x Poultry Club 39mm silver medals (26.1g, 23.5g, 24.4g, 22.4g)
  • 46mm Poultry Club silver medal (39.8g)
  • 46mm silver prize medal given by The Worshipful Company of Poulters, London (47.1g)
  • 38mm British Dairy Farmers Association 1893 annual show silver medal, presented by the Indian Game Club for the best cockerel (21.2g)
  • 45mm bronze Championship medal, presented by Toogood & Sons
  • 33mm gilt unnamed medal
  • 3 x silver hallmarked unnamed award medals (34.4g total)

Overall a very comprehensive collection of early game medals.