c.18th Century Hebrew Medallion / Amulet With Jupiter Inscriptions

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40mm, 13.5 grams. Appears to be struck from a composite metal rather than silver.

A most unusual Hebrew medallion or 'magic' amulet. On the obverse, incised with a magical square of Jupiter (4x4) in Hebrew letters, three Hebrew inscriptions and the planetary symbol of Jupiter together with the number 136 (total sum of numerical values of the letters in the square). On the reverse: planetary symbol of Jupiter, the seal of Jupiter and the symbol on the 'intelligence' of Jupiter with a Latin inscription.

Very similar to an example in the British Museum under item number 1885,0508.107, which they suggest to be dated from the 16th Century to the 18th Century. They list their example as silver but it has the same appearance as this example, possibly suggesting theirs is not silver or this one is?

Unusual and worthy of further research.