Set of 4 x Prize Medals To Henry Clay Havana Cigars - 1888 Melbourne, 1878 / 1900 Paris

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Set of 4 silver and bronze award medals related to the Havana Cigar factory and cigar magnate Julian Alvarez, including the Henry Clay and Bock & Co Ltd. 

The Henry Clay brand was created in the 1840's by Cuban tobacco magnate and Spanish emigrant, Julián Álvarez Granda, and was eventually transferred to a British company named Henry Clay and Bock & Co. Ltd. which was founded in 1888. 

The set includes:

  • 1878 Paris Universal Exposition 68mm Silver Medal - named to 'Alvarez Julian - Henry Clay'. Very Fine with some marks.
  • 1888 Melbourne Centennial Exhibition 51mm Silver Medal - edge named to 'Julian Alvarez'. Very Fine with brush marks in fields.
  • 1888 Melbourne Centennial Exhibition 51mm Gilt Silver Medal - edge named to 'Henry Clay, Bock & Co Ltd'. Good Very Fine.
  • 1900 Paris Universal Exposition 64mm Bronze Medal - named to 'Havana Cigar And Tobacco Factories Limited - La Havane'. Good Very Fine.

Overall, these medals offer a wonderful piece of history from 19th Century cigar production.