George I 1726 Five Guineas - Tertio Edge - VF

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Laureate head. TERTIO edge.

George I Five Guinea coins are amongst the most sought after from the entire Five Guinea series. A most impressive coin.

The edge reading of this coin is 'DECVS • ET • TVTAMEN • ANN • REGNI • DECIMO • TERTIO', with ANN instead of the usual ANNO. This being the first example of this we have seen. 

Very Fine with a lovely red gold tone, particularly on the reverse. Some scattered surface marks and a very light area of graffiti, just in front of the King's mouth, without which this coin would be offered for around £35,000. Attractive and rare, even more so with the alternative edge lettering. 

Ex Fritz Rudolf Kunker auction 177, 30/09/2010 (lot 6106).

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