Lot Of 66 x 19th Century Wax Seal Impressions - Mostly Cased

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A large collection of 66 x 19th Century and earlier wax seal impressions. 

These include seals for Ernle Warriner High Sheriff of Wiltshire 1825, Borough of Chelmsford common seal 1889, Queen Victoria Acts of Parliament seals, a Bristol seal for Edward I. One seal has a note written on the lid case that reads 'This impression is from a seal taken by and Officer of the 11th Hussars from Prince Menschikoff's Carriage, which fell into the hand of the British Army after the Battle of the Alma Sept. 20th 1854'.

A wide variety of makers including Culleton Heraldic Artrist & Engraver of 92 Piccadilly London, Moring Heraldic Artist & Engraver of High Holborn London, Silvester Seal Engravers of 27 Strand London and many more. 

A few seals show signs of cracks or slight warping but nearly all are housed in original circular wooden boxes and overall this is an excellent collection. I would possibly suggest that a few of the paper makers inserts are more modern printings, although I do not know if this is the case. Please note that the 4 grey circles/squares represent 4 seals that are missing from the original group of 70, leaving 66 seals.

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