New Zealand Gallantry Medal Elizabeth II Prototype Specimen - Unique

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New Zealand Gallantry medal.

This medal is a prototype that was produced by Thomas Fattorini Ltd of Birmingham, at the request of the medal designer Ian Rank-Broadley and the edge is stamped 'specimen'. The New Zealand Gallantry Medal (NZGM) is the fourth level military decoration of the New Zealand armed forces. It was instituted by Royal Warrant on 20 September 1999as part of the new indigenous New Zealand Gallantry system. The medal, which may be awarded posthumously, is granted in recognition of 'acts of gallantry' while involved in war and warlike operational service (including peacekeeping).

The medal is accompanied by an original lead striking of the obverse portrait.

This medal, along with the lead striking, is from the personal collection of Ian Rank-Broadley and unique.