USA 1892 Cristoforo Colombo 102mm Bronze Medal

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102mm. By L. Pogliaghi & A. Cappucio.

Known as the Stefano Johnson medals for the firm that produced them in Milan, Italy. A contemporary article in the New York Times of Sunday, October 16, 1892 discussed this emission: "On one side a nearly nude Indian Princess reaches to clasp hands over a bas relief of Columbus, with a draped goddess symbolical of the Western arts and sciences. The earth's globe is above their joined hands, the American eagle is below the bas relief. About the head of the discoverer runs the inscription 'Cristoforo Colombo.' The Indian Princess has palm and tobacco leaves behind her head, and at her feet an idol and a rattlesnake; the later she is treading to death. The draped figure has laurel and wheat behind her head, and near her feet the symbols of architecture, sculpture, and painting. "The reverse is a lively design with many figures. On the margin are shields of various American nations, and in the background an ideal country in which the Brooklyn Bridge can be distinguished near by, and, against the rising sun, the dome of the Capitol at Washington. In the foreground is an Indian cacique, half rising on his spear; behind him two Indians, a squaw and a papoose. The group is looking up at the female winged-Genius of Progress, draped and with a star above her head, who sweeps along supported and followed by four Cupids. One carries a torch, another a cornucopia, a third the winged and snaky staff of Mercury, the fourth helps to prop one of her arms. It is a vision vouchsafed to the cacique, who stares at it open-mouthed."

Only Very Fine and with some reverse bronzing missing but considered one of the most beautiful of all the 1892 medals and scarce in this size.